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A minimalist and design house in Greece

A minimalist and design house in Greece

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Among our dream homes, this time, we're taking off for Greece! This sumptuous residence of over 500 square meters located in Kifisia, a suburb in the north of Athens, has been completely renovated for a budget of 220,000 euros. Result? The house, very marked in the 90s, has become a haven of peace where the key words are minimalism and design. Through the pieces, we discover ingenious tricks to stick to the will of the owners thought by the professionals of the agency Gem Architects. We show you around!

A very refined salon

Gem Architects The owners wanted to open the interior of their residence to the garden to make the most of it, but also to bring more light into the living room. The living room has therefore been renovated with warm furniture and light walls that contrast with the large, very bright picture windows.

A soothing atmosphere

Gem Architects The choice of natural and pale colors in the living room creates a warm space and a Zen atmosphere while the gray imposes a minimalist aesthetic and highlights the simplicity and the clarity of the geometric shapes of the space.

Continuity between parts

Gem Architects On the ground floor of the house are the family's common areas. The architects therefore bet on a unification of the rooms to create interior continuity. They therefore created indirect lighting hidden in the false ceilings.

A very modern fireplace

Gem Architects Who said that the chimney was an obsolete element? Here, it is resolutely contemporary and makes it possible to make the connection between the living room and the dining room. The play of lighting hidden in false ceilings also makes it possible to soften and minimize the presence of load-bearing beams on the ceiling.

Immaculate cuisine

Gem Architects The white color of the storage units, the appliances and the wall covering of this American kitchen contrasts nicely with the black bar suspensions and stools around the dining area. We draw the foot of the red table which immediately catches the eye.

Open the kitchen to better light it

Gem Architects Another intention of the owners was to enlarge the kitchen and there again it is only brighter, on the one hand thanks to the French window and on the other hand thanks to the spots recessed in the false ceiling and those who light up the work plan.

A bathroom worthy of a hotel

Gem Architects The bathroom is also very refined. Its Scandinavian style stands out thanks to the white sinks and the wooden and waxed concrete furniture. It includes a large bath and shower and a large mirror to accommodate the whole family.

Patterned toilets

Gem Architects Cement tiles enhance these oriental-style toilets. We love the gray washbasin placed on the small work surface and the beautiful height under the ceiling which significantly enlarges the space. The suspended toilet allows for a design and minimalist room.

A house seen from afar

Gem Architects Day and night, you immediately notice the residence in the neighborhood. It has an original shape which is all the more highlighted once the sun sets thanks to different lighting. Finally, the garden and the staircase that leads to the front door bring the final touch to this unparalleled home. For more information, visit the Gem Architects website.