10 DIY things to do with kids in rainy weather

10 DIY things to do with kids in rainy weather

The rainy season is officially open! If it was up to your children, that would not prevent them from staying outside the day, they who love to go out without an umbrella, let the raindrops slide around their necks and jump in the puddles. But as you are more reasonable and do not want to blow their nose for months, you prefer to keep them warm at home until the return of good weather. Yes, but there it is, it is still necessary to offer them, to occupy them, creative, educational and fun activities. Here are 10!

Magic pancakes

Peek It Magazine When the weather is gray and boredom must be overcome ... it's pancakes party! But on the blogosphere, we found an unusual recipe. The pancakes are adorned with confetti for the pleasure of young and old. Source: Peek It Magazine

Magnetic photo frames

Eighteen 25 When we spend the day at home we often take the opportunity to sort the photos. Here is a complementary activity: making frames with simple ice cream sticks, masking tape and some magnets. A do it yourself that allows everyone to express their creativity regardless of their age. Source: Eighteen 25

Painted pine cones

Whimzeecal If there is one thing - with the chestnuts - that the children bring back with the shovel of their autumn walks, it is the pine cones. That's good, they represent great creative supports and the simplest ideas have a lot of effect. The proof here with these shades of color. Source: Whimzeecal

A bird mask

Madame Citron What do you do when you are bored? A mask of course! For this, you still need to have the right equipment on hand. Here, it is a simple cardboard plate, stickers, a straw and colored sheets cut out of feathers. Chances are, you already have it all at home. Source: Madame Citron

Farfalle butterflies

Crafty morning To vary from the rather classic pasta necklace, we found an alternative: pretty multicolored butterflies made using farfalle. It's simple to do and you will hear the flies flying ... at least a few moments. Source: Crafty morning

A soap with a toy

The babbling tavern Like all children, yours do not like to wash their hands. It is sometimes heavy to make the gendarme so that he deigns to enter the bathroom. To distract him while teaching him good manners, make this soap with him by inserting one of his favorite figurines. What bluff him. Source: The babbling restaurant

A garland of chestnuts

Artsy Ants After each walk, each trip to the park, you invariably find the pockets of your children filled with chestnuts. Rather than discarding them discreetly when their backs are turned, transform them into an autumn garland with a simple needle and a ball of yarn. Source: Artsy Ants

DIY dominoes

The house that Lars built When time is getting long at home, we tend to take all board games out of the cupboards. We found a nice alternative: making dominoes as a family, painting small pebbles. This will have the merit of doubly occupying you! Source: The house that Lars built

Homemade sweets

Végébon Do you already imagine the stars in the eyes of your kids when you tell them you're going to make candy together at home? These bonuses have the merit of being organic and vegan, much healthier than those purchased commercially. Source: Végébon