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30 pieces of furniture to make with pallets!

30 pieces of furniture to make with pallets!

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A box spring in pallets

Anna G.'s house

A beautiful and sober bed base, perfect for an extra bed.

* Source: Anna G.'s house

Pallet wall bars for a child's bedroom

Green street workshop

A staircase for the children's room. Be careful in this case to secure the pallet.

* Source: Atelier Rue Verte

Bar furniture on pallets

Grumpy's Honeybunch

A wall bar cabinet made with a consolidated palette.

* Source: Grumpy's Honeybunch

A canopy bed on pallets

The Pink Bird blog

Always in the bedroom department, we love this canopy idea made of reclaimed wood.

* Source: The Pink Bird blog

A pretty pallet shelf

Shabby Chic and vintage

A very simple shelf.

* Source: Shabby Chic and vintage

A shoe cabinet in pallets

101 Pallets

For a very functional entry, we are launching this weekend to design a shoe cabinet in pallets useful for the whole family. The plus: attach the boards next to each other to make a solid platform and thus create a practical seat. * Source: 101 Pallets

A pallet bottle holder


You do not know how to store your empty bottles in the kitchen in a nice way? Recover a pallet, cut the upper part and create a tray to hold them by fixing a board underneath.

* Source: Etsy

A pallet chest bench


To make this pallet bench, you will need a good dose of patience! Start by dismantling your pallets, and use each board to compose the bench.

* Source: BricoBistro *

A pallet cabinet

101 Pallets

Here is a cupboard with a recycled spirit that will not cost you a fortune since to make it you will only need a few nails, hinges, handles and old pallets recovered.

* Source: 101 Paletts *

A pallet console

A little bit of this that and everything

At the editorial office, we fell in love with this console made of a palette that can be used both in an entry and in a living room. If the lower part is easy to assemble, the tray will require a little more work.

* Source: A little bit of this that and everything *

A pallet deckchair

Mobile Home Living

To give a recovered style to your garden, bet on the deckchair made in old pallets. You will still need a few notions of DIY to make the mechanism for going down and up the headrest.

* Source: Mobile Home Living *

A cabinet to hide machines on pallets


To make this piece of furniture that nicely hides your washing machine and dryer, you will only need 6 planks recovered from an old pallet and a few nails.

* Source: Pinterest *

An open pallet cabinet

1001 Pallets

Need a new wardrobe in your bedroom or in the laundry room? Here is a model made with pallets that may appeal to a good number of people. Little trick to blend it into the decor: paint it white!

* Source: 1001 Pallets *

A pallet glass shelf

The Kurtz Corner

For easy access to your wine glasses and to store your bottles nicely, let yourself be charmed by the authenticity of this wall-mounted bottle holder. Please note: you will need a bit of know-how to properly round off the side planks.

* Source: The Kurtz Corner *

Pallet headboard

DIY and crafts ideas

In a teenage bedroom or in a parental bedroom with a recuperated spirit, we dare the box spring and the headboard in raw pallets. The plus: imagine a lighting system in the box spring to create an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom.

* Source: DIY and crafts ideas *

A bench with armrest in pallets

Funky Junk Interiors

Adorable this little garden bench made with pallet boards! If after mounting the base, you still have a little courage, go to the armrests. These can be customized with a little paint and stencils.

* Source: Funky Junk Interiors *

An office on pallets

Let's take the time

Part of the palette painted white, the second part left in raw, here is a desk at a low price that brings a real plus to the decor of the living room or bedroom.

* Source: Let's take the time *

A pallet shelf

DIY and crafts ideas

Original this shelf really simple to make. Once some boards have been removed, cut small cleats in some of them to create practical shelves. We nail them, and the result is there.

* Source: DIY and crafts ideas *

An outdoor bar on pallets

The Garden Glove

To already project ourselves in the heyday, we go to the construction of an outdoor bar made with two pallets that have been fixed between them. To make the plateau, you just have to place three blocks of raw concrete on it.

* Source: The Garden Glove *

A pallet storage unit

Pallet Furniture Ideas

With its many alcoves, this storage unit, only designed in pallet planks has as much its place inside as outside. Want to get started ? A little patience and a hammer will be necessary.

* Source: Pallet Furniture Ideas *

A library on pallets

Pallet Furniture Ideas

We fell in love with this library with a resolutely recuperated spirit. To make it, you don't have to be a DIY expert! We choose a light gray paint to paint each of the boards, we assemble them to form a wall of shelves and voila.

* Source: Pallet Furniture Ideas *

A dressing room on pallets

101 Pallets

We all dream of a piece of furniture that can accommodate the coats and shoes of the whole family in the hall. With a few pallet boards, metal coat hooks and a few nails, it's now done.

* Source: 101 Pallets *

A coffee table on casters on pallets


To make this super practical coffee table with its many storage spaces, start by fixing 3 pallets between them. Then attach casters to the four corners of the table for the functional aspect.

* Source: Vtwonen *

Towel rack on pallets

Pallet Furniture DIY

After having prepared your wooden support with pallet boards, pierce the lower parts of the side boards in order to let pass a curtain rod. Once the latter is over, you can hang your towels nicely in the bathroom.

* Source: Pallet Furniture DIY *

A planter on pallets

Dump a day

Need an inexpensive but nevertheless very decorative planter in your garden? Paint a few pallets in white, create bins by arranging the boards properly, and that's the job!

* Source: Dump a day *

A 100% pallet terrace

Sophie Savoie

A terrace all in pallets, from the floor to the walls!

* Source: local blog *

A dining table on pallets

Purlple cherry moon

A dining table made with 4 pallets.

* Source: Purple Cherry Moon *

A wine cellar on pallets


A homemade wine cellar.

* Source: Pinterest *

A vertical garden on pallets

the inspire droom

A vertical garden made from a palette, perfect for a small balcony or to decorate the walls of a terrace.

* Source: the inspired room *