DIY gifts to slip into the advent calendar

DIY gifts to slip into the advent calendar

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What if this year you made yourself not only a pretty advent calendar for your minis, but also the gifts that go with it? Each surprise thus discovered will have a real taste of the unexpected! This will also avoid buying gadgets which they will not use (and often sold at high prices) or industrial chocolates and candies! What could be more personal, intimate, cheerful than a gift made by you, directly? A small gift that will go straight to the heart (or to the stomach, depending on your choice!)

Homemade mini shortbread

Moma le blog Because a Christmas without shortbread is like Easter without chocolate, or a New Year without "Happy New Year", we follow the good idea of ​​Nathalie de Moma and we multiply the shortbread. As a bonus, she suggests that you print pretty boxes for those who will not find their place in your advent calendar! So to your cookie cutters and your stoves. Source: Moma le blog

DIY soaps

Peek A Booo What could be more cute than a soap that smells good and has a heart shape? You can also dip into your own molds, or even use an ice cube tray, to be sure that the soap will find its place in the calendar. You can already imagine the little shiny eyes of your mini: "Wow, it was YOU who did it?" Just for this brief moment of glory, it's worth it! In addition this tutorial is very accessible! Source: Peek A Booo

A decoration to hang in the Christmas tree

Bluetine / Hellø Blogzine You have many options for making pretty objects to hang in the tree: if you are a crochet pro, make them little crochet elves with matching fir… Otherwise you can just as well use hardening plasticine, very “Christmas” cookie cutters and a little paint. The top: customize with the child's first name! Sources: Bluetine and Hello Blogzine

Homemade marshmallow

Amandine Cooking To continue with the little gourmet gifts, you can also bet on the marshmallow (aka marshmallows) that children generally love, and which you can easily flavor according to their tastes! Easy to make, and to fit into your homemade advent calendar… Source: Amandine Cooking

Vouchers for ...

Minireyve You can easily create coupons for a bedtime story, an additional 15 minutes of play in the evening, a hug…. For activities to do together, or for a sleepover with a friend! The idea for your child to be really happy and not rattle is to offer him something that really makes him dream, something he has often asked you, or about which he talks regularly. Do not make a voucher to fill a void in the calendar but to see his eyes shine! All you have to do is print the superb “good for” from Minireyve. Source: Minireyve

A nice origami

Jesus Wild An origami is poetic. We put it everywhere, we can even hang it! And we can do all kinds: cranes, but also foxes, hearts, unicorns, Batman or Darth Vader ... Find your child's favorite hero or animal and find out if there is an origami model! You will make him happy every time, and you can even hang it with him on the tree afterwards. Source: Jesus Wild

A personalized ink pad

Miss Kati O. Kids love stamp pads to create with fabulous designs. What if you made one yourself, with his first name or with his favorite symbol? Cloud, flower, house… Everything is possible and there are many techniques: with a cork, an eraser that is engraved, foam stickers stuck on a plastic stopper… You will see, it requires attention but It's not difficult ! Source: Miss Kati O.

The treasure hunt

Zü Have you prepared a gift that will not fit into the advent calendar? No problem: put it in a nice decorated box, then hide it. It only remains to organize a charade or a treasure hunt for your child (depending on his age). Hide clues in the house (the first being in the advent calendar) so that he finds the gift of the day, for example written on a pretty Christmas label! You can reserve this surprise for the last day, or reuse this tip several times if you want to offer several larger gifts. Source: Zü