8 ideas to decorate the bedroom for little girls

8 ideas to decorate the bedroom for little girls

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In need of ideas to decorate your daughter's room? Do you want her future bedroom to evoke a universe that resembles her where she will want to play for hours? Here are 8 room atmospheres to inspire you ...

When a little girl's bedroom looks retro

AM.PM ### It takes little to give a retro air to the room of the little bitches. It is enough to cover the bed with a gingham cover and to favor old wooden furniture. Here, we justly preferred the flagship chair of the offices of yesteryear rather than a brand new seat. The goal ? Reflect all the charm of the rooms of yesteryear, those of our grandmothers. In the blink of an eye, this universe transports us into the simplicity and sweetness of the fifties.

Wedding of purple and pink: 100% girls!

Goal ### The color of the girls is pink… and purple! By combining the two, we get a very feminine bedroom with a child version. A charming setting to play by day and have sweet dreams at night.

Easy to create princess bed

La Redoute ### Of course, the canopy bed is the one that best embodies the princess spirit, however, there is another way to wink at the castle atmosphere that girls dream of. All you need is a nicely installed mosquito net above the bed and voila. The proof in pictures!

A girly room for two

Paragraph ### If the sisters who share the same space have little difference in age and they are accomplices, we can bet on a very girly decor with close beds that will have something to satisfy both at the same time.

A girl's bedroom by the sea

Maisons du Monde ### In this little girl's room, we find all the charm and softness of a seaside decor: the tones are clear (harmonious marriage of white and pale pink) and the materials are natural like the trunk rattan, the gray wood of the furniture or the paneling of the walls. Because the soothing side of an ocean decor is perfect for the bedroom of little girls.

For girls who want some pep in their bedroom

Goal ### Because all the little girls do not dream of a pink bedroom or because as they grow up, some want to assert themselves other than by the girly color, here is a sparkling decor of vitamin colors for a room full of pep and freshness. Yes, the girls' room can also be sublimated by warm colors such as orange or red. Good humor guaranteed!

A liberty room

La Redoute ### If your little dream of delicacy, nature and sweetness, why not bet on a liberty decor? On the program: a flowery bed set, a mushroom lamp, a tree branch wall sticker, pastel colors and paper lampshades. Yes, this is how to create a cocoon of childish and feminine tenderness.


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