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The children's room, a place of expression for children

The children's room, a place of expression for children

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Because children need their own space to develop their creativity and imagination, we do not hesitate to transform their room into a real field of expression for toddlers. Here are some ideas they should like!

Wall decoration

Ikea And if your children are not satisfied with paper, we can also offer them a life-size space of expression by allowing them to draw on the walls. But for that, we put on a slate paint that turns the wall into a blackboard.

The coloring of the walls

A3P If this is the coloring that most appeals to your toddler, he can also color the walls provided he offers him a suitable wallpaper like this drawn model which can be colored in pencil to color it.

To write on the walls

Purpose And for those who want to play with the walls, we can also bet on masking tape ribbons that will be used to write on the walls or to create creative drawings. All without damaging the wall!

An art gallery

Ikea Drawing is good, but exhibiting it is very rewarding for budding artists. So to please them, decorate their coloring space with a shelf where they can display all their creations.

A wall of expression

Fly For children a little older, we put on a wall of expression where they can pin all their inspirations cut out in magazines. Ideal for budding fans!

A scene

Ikea Your daughter dreams of becoming a singer? Offer him a stage so that he can rehearse and give little concerts to his friends. You will bet on a low and sufficiently solid storage unit and you will place a few stars in stickers on the back wall to materialize the scene.

A fitting room

Purpose For girls who are already fashion lovers who intend to be fashionistas, you can bet on a very original bed which contains a fitting room in order to create fashion shows between girlfriends.

Makeup star

Purpose And so that little girls can learn how to make up and style their hair or try their hand at first on their dolls, a hairdresser area will not fail to seduce them. You can have a mirror on a dresser with a few shelves to slide the girl accessories.

The musicians' studio

Leroy Merlin On the boy side, your little one wants to be a guitarist. No problem, he can train in his room which will also serve as a music studio where his guitar will be enthroned as an art object.


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