6 unusual sofas for the living room

6 unusual sofas for the living room

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What if we brought a little originality to the living room by opting for a sofa with unusual lines? The sofa then becomes the centerpiece of the living room around which you will build the rest of your decor. Here are five couches that are worth seeing.

A flashy sofa

Maisons du Monde ### Do you like everything that shines? No problem, at Maisons du Monde, you will find a sofa worthy of the biggest stars: a silver Chesterfield! With this bling-bling sofa you can easily give a glam-rock spirit to your decor. Bet on black and white for the rest of the decor.

Seaside spirit

La Redoute ### What if the sofa looked like a garden furniture? On the La Redoute site, you will find a superb sofa in kubu fibers and rattan cane for a very seaside spirit.

Futuristic design

La Redoute ### For a design and somewhat futuristic style, we put on the La Redoute three-seat sofa bed and its clean lines. Bicolour, it exists in anthracite gray and granite green or anthracite gray and light gray. It will be ideal in a large teen bedroom or in a studio.

A round sofa

La Redoute ### Why not bet on a round sofa with extra large comfort? The Manhattan round sofa is undoubtedly ultra comfortable and will allow you to relax in an original seat. Be careful however, this type of sofa takes up more space than a straight sofa.

An ovoid shape

La Redoute ### The Brett sofa has an ovoid shape that is sure to envelop you for very pleasant comfort. The cushions also take on a rounded shape for a sofa with very soft lines.


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