Blue: the ideal color for the bathroom

Blue: the ideal color for the bathroom

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Do you want a soft and refreshing color for your bathroom decor? It is on the blue that we must bet! Ideal for starting the day in the morning thanks to its softness, it will also be perfect for relaxing after a day of work. In a word, blue is all good, so we invite you to adopt it urgently!

Spirit of yesteryear in the bathroom

Leroy Merlin Nothing like cement tiles to bring a touch of nostalgia and put color in our bathrooms. Sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate, they have it all!

The bathroom takes off

Point P Associated with the white stripes of the wall splashback, cerulean blue creates a soothing, marine atmosphere where it is good to bask.

A chic bathroom

Ikea We love the combination of blue, white and dark wood that brings a classic and very elegant look to this bathroom.

A seaside bathtub

Hidrobox No need to fall into the total blue look to create a feeling of well-being in the bathroom. A well chosen element is enough to bring dynamism and freshness to the space. The proof in pictures with this blue freestanding bathtub!

Blue flooring

Tarket To insert blue in your bathroom decoration, laminate or tiling remain a good solution. Easy to maintain and very aesthetic, they create an original and unique atmosphere in this space.

Blue wall bands

Leroy Merlin Whether smooth or embossed, the wall tiles in different bluish tones combine with the sobriety of the room to bring the touch of originality that it lacked.

A graphic bathroom

Burgbad This turquoise bathroom reveals a graphic atmosphere that suits it perfectly. His secret? One of its walls has been covered with a blue and white covering in the shape of flowers. Gorgeous !

A trompe l'oeil carpet

Leroy Merlin By installing blue and white checkered tiles around your bathtub, you will give volume and character to your bathroom floor and graphically isolate the bathroom area.

A seaside-style coating

Castorama Give your bathroom a seaside feel with these blue and brown tones that perfectly imitate aged floors. Guaranteed result!

Blue tiles and an exotic atmosphere

Ikea In this bathroom, we chose a very light blue tiling as a backdrop to welcome a friendly decor and an exotic touch, with touches colored like red and orange.

Contemporary Blue

Castorama To give an original style to the bathroom, opt for a blue tiled wall that does not fail to highlight the sink. Then play with white without forgetting to add a few splashes of color for good humor.

Natural blue

Alinéa In this bathroom, we painted all the walls in blue and we opted for gray furniture and a pebble floor to give a very natural atmosphere that makes you want to take off.

A band of blue

Paragraph To awaken the decoration of the bathroom, one can simply opt for a blue strip which will materialize the space of the bathtub. Blue also has the advantage of easily matching many styles.

Futuristic blue

Delpha For a futuristic bathroom, opt for white relief tiles and simply affix a blue lacquered piece of furniture to which a bathroom rug with original shapes will respond.

Dark blue

Aquarine Blue exists in countless shades. If you want a contemporary and masculine atmosphere, go for a darker, almost dark blue to dress up your bathroom furniture.

Baroque blue

Delpha Know that blue can also correspond to more original styles such as the baroque style. We will then choose a deep shade that will sublimate the materials of the bathroom.

Shades of blue

Castorama If you want to play the originality card in the bathroom, you can bet on a very light blue decorative background and paint your furniture in three different shades to play the card of shades.

Blue seaside

Leroy Merlin To travel without leaving your bathroom, you can opt for slightly gray blue which will remind the seaside. Ideal with wood, you will get a nice exotic atmosphere.

Custom blue

Leroy Merlin Finally, know that thanks to the tiles, you can bring the blue into your bathroom as you see fit. You just have to create your patterns by incorporating some colored tiles.


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