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A contemporary style decor in the bedroom

A contemporary style decor in the bedroom

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The contemporary style also settles in the bedroom to bring real modernity and a very decorative dynamism to this intimate room. The lines then become sober and functional to bring comfort to the occupant. Here are some inspirations to create a contemporary style bedroom.

Contemporary furniture

Fly ### In the contemporary bedroom, the furniture is very trendy! The lines are very clean and functional. Thus the bedside table also serves as storage and the dresser also acts as a dressing table. One way to save space!

Multiplied storage

Ikea ### Contemporary style also focuses on practicality! In the bedroom, the cupboards are multiplied by using all the available spaces: drawers under the bed, cupboards in the headboard and shelves on the walls.

A masculine and feminine style

Goal ### Know that the contemporary style adapts to a masculine as well as a feminine universe! Use neutral colors like gray or taupe for a mixed atmosphere and add pops of color like plum to feminize the decor.

Trendy colors

Conforama ### Finally, for a very trendy atmosphere, bet on trendy colors. You will not be able to escape the atmospheres of mole and gray which give a very cocooning atmosphere to the room. Do not hesitate to add a color that contrasts to warm it all up!


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