The seedless watermelon

The seedless watermelon

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Some people catch the melon but I prefer watermelon especially when it inspires internet users for their creative DIY or for their cuisine. Here is a very refreshing selection to put even more cucurbits in your life, especially in summer!

A tutti frutti t-shirt

Hannah Davies Textiles Adopt the tutti frutti trend this summer with this homemade t-shirt that has fun with watermelon colors. Successful, right?

Watermelon or not?

Say Yes This mouth-watering cake only has watermelon in shape and color, because it is made entirely of cereal. A great surprise !

A good slice of watermelon

PeTiArtisan With these scorching temperatures, does your decor also need to cool down? A cushion in the shape of a watermelon slice placed on the sofa, and voila!

To counter the rain

Studio DIY To ignore the summer rain, we too are embarking on the creation of a watermelon umbrella.

In summer time

Art Clock Spend your home decor in summer time with this cheerful and invigorating watermelon clock.

Funny cookies!

Glorious Treats These cookies are very misleading! Imagined in the shape and colors of watermelon, they may surprise more than one!

A gourmet gift

Oh Happy Day Inside these paper pockets in the shape of watermelon are hiding small gifts for the guests. Ideal for a birthday party or even a fresh and refined wedding.

The soap goes to the table

Marte Ravn To go on vacation or simply to impress your guests when they pass by the corner, these funny soaps that imitate watermelon are perfect!

The watermelon grows on the walls

I Heart Naptime Thanks to this garland made of paper watermelon slices, the walls of the house will be happy all summer!

A gourmet watermelon

Paper & Stitch A donut! No watermelon! No donut! No watermelon! Reconcile and share together this watermelon donut or watermelon donut.

Taste watermelon

Bird on a Cake This colorful cake doesn't just look like a watermelon, it really tastes like watermelon. Just for that, you have to test it (and eat it).

Back to basics

Fielcandy The problem with a tent is to store the heat of summer all day long. With FieldCandy's "What a Melon" tent, we at least have the illusion of going to sleep in an ocean of freshness (but that remains an illusion).

His ideas rub off on us

Madame Citron With a nickname like Madame Citron, we are sure that this blogger knows a lot about fruits and vegetables. The proof with this adorable watermelon tote bag to absolutely wear to go to the beach.

What if we eat now?

DR Three new ways to use watermelon. First in sorbet, the recipe was unfortunately lost in the meanders of the Internet but we can always find it elsewhere like at Zoku (in English). The second, version just before the nap, is stick planting. It may be a little less spectacular, but just as good. Lastly, we opt for a very chic salad with grilled watermelon, tomatoes and mozzarella.

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated ?

So it just has to be complicated with simple. It is true that sometimes we just want to bite into the fruit, but sometimes we also want sophisticated watermelon, if only for the guests.

It's the pompom!

Mr printable Before I did not know what a pompom could be used for but it was before. Now I know it's too cute, especially when it takes the form of a watermelon or other fruit.

Trompe l'oeil (but only the eye)

DR These kitchen utensils are not chewable but they will give a summer air to your kitchen. With the conservation box, you can't go wrong with its content as for Joseph Joseph cutting boards, they will remind you that cutting a watermelon is not pie!

Decorate before entering

The house that Lars Built A DIY to create a watermelon doormat that announces the color before even entering the front door. Another way of saying "Here we have refreshing ideas!"

A seedless night

3 Suisses If the summer nights are too stuffy, rest on this watermelon bed linen from 3 Suisses. They will give you the illusion of sleeping cool.

A big cake without feeling guilty

Sprinkle Bakes But what is hiding this tempting big cake? Cream, chocolate, sponge cake? Not even ! Just an innocent watermelon who only wants you good.

A hook at the early harvest

Phildar A crochet watermelon cushion for your children. For once, they will not get dirty with a fruit.


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