Choosing siding boards in 5 lessons

Choosing siding boards in 5 lessons

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Also known as briquettes or facing stone, facing boards line the walls by imitating a material (brick, pebble, etc.) depending on the color and the chosen relief. Their success, inside and out, leads us today to review their capital characteristics, materials, aspects, reliefs, colors, locations. The idea: to have all the keys in hand to choose the model that best suits us.

Exterior facing briquettes

Castorama Or will they be used to decorate the exterior facade, as on this terrace?

Lesson 2: Define the material of the facing plates

Castorama As we have just said, the location of the facing plates influences the choice of material for them. Thus, considered too fragile because light, the plaster models are reserved for decorating the interior, knowing that they can only be placed on a smooth, healthy and clean wall and not on wallpaper, not strong enough.

Red facing briquettes

Castorama On the other hand, stone, concrete or terracotta models withstand exterior installation without problem and can be installed on a concrete, cement, concrete block or wooden panel facade. At the same time, it will nevertheless be necessary to provide a seal resistant to water infiltration.

Lesson 3: Define the material imitated by the facing plates

Castorama Attention, the imitated material is not necessarily the same as the material constituting the facing plates. Thus, a concrete model can very well imitate bricks!

White facing briquettes

Castorama There is a wide choice of imitations: stone, terracotta, brick, pebble, etc. It all depends on the style sought: contemporary, loft, authentic, etc.

Lesson n ° 4: define the desired relief for the facing plates

Castorama First option in terms of insert: a wise, smooth and well-structured finish.

0290017105358958 c2 photo oYToyOntzOjE6InciO2k6NjU2O3M6NToiY29sb3IiO3M6NToid2hpdGUiO30 = brick wall

Leroy Merlin Second option: a high relief and irregular finish!

Lesson n ° 5: define the color of the facing plates

Castorama Last choice: color! First, natural color, or natural imitation.

0290017105358944 c2 photo oYToyOntzOjE6InciO2k6NjU2O3M6NToiY29sb3IiO3M6NToid2hpdGUiO30 = brick wall

Goal Second choice: painting! Repainted in red, white or silver, the plates adopt a more discreet, uniform and modern twist!