A friendly living room for my first apartment

A friendly living room for my first apartment

In a first apartment, the living room has an important place. It must not only take into account the limited space available but also be able to accommodate several people for convivial evenings. Here are some living room ideas for your first apartment.

An all-in-one lounge

Leroy Merlin ### When your living room is also in your kitchen, your dining room and your office, remember to delimit the spaces. You can choose a corner sofa to close the living area. If you don't have room, place your sofa straight back to the rest of the room.

A sofa bed

La Redoute ### If the living room also doubles as a bedroom, consider choosing a bed that can be transformed into a sofa to receive your friends. You will find convertible sofas but also benches which transform into beds.

Comfortable seats

La Redoute ### To receive comfortably, we choose soft seats that adapt to the body like pear-shaped beanbags. You can also use them for a nap or a moment of relaxation because they support almost all positions.

A modular living room

Maisons du Monde ### Finally, so that your living room can accommodate as many people as you want, bet on modularity. Opt for nesting tables, large floor cushions and folding armchairs to accommodate everyone.