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Chic buffets for sweet tastings

Chic buffets for sweet tastings

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Birthday, baptism, special date or just the desire to have a more successful snack than usual: all the reasons are good for creating a buffet with an intensely sweet decor and taste. Here are ideas to inspire you.

On the table runner

Ferm Living Grouped along a checkered "harlequin" style table runner, these cupcakes fit the buffet table with dignity.


Ikéa Here is a divinely garlanded buffet that awaits beautiful people. On the right, in blue, the plates and glasses accompanying the starter and the main dish. On the left, in pink, the dishes for dessert!


Ikéa Chic surrounded by nature. This is the watchword of this buffet patiently awaiting the time for a snack. And not just any snack. This one will be sophisticated since pastries in cloche and porcelain dishes are out!

In pastel attire

Maisons du Monde Love at first sight for this sweet buffet in every sense of the word. His magic recipe: combining sobriety and pastel colors. Colors that flourish both on the dishes and on the decorative bouquet of flowers or even on the icing of the cupcakes… So sweet!

In flower

Zara Home Delicately flowered porcelain tableware, candles and napkins too: here, the buffet comes out with carte blanche and transparency games to sublimate accessories as sophisticated as bucolic. Heart stroke.

In jars

Ikéa Inspired by candy stores, this buffet features a fine selection of confectionery… in jars. For a taste as sweet as retro, we love it!

Under bell

Ikéa Focus on this cake tray topped with a glass bell, which has become the star of the sweet buffet. Because his chic way of putting pastries on display fascinates us.

Powder pink color

Geneviève Lethu To accentuate its sweet flavor, this buffet appealed to color. Namely a powdery pink declined both on the meringues here exposed as on the branch of cherry tree arranged in the background!


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