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Baroque decor in the living room

Baroque decor in the living room

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In the living room, the baroque style allows all the extravagance! On the color side, you will oscillate between black, fuchsia, gold and silver in complex and original lines. Here are some tips for creating a baroque style in the living room.

Precious materials

Maisons du Monde ### Choose shimmering elements and don't hesitate to create a profusion of materials and fabrics. For the sofa, opt without question for the quilt in a luminous velvet.


Maisons du Monde ### Know that the color silver works like gold. You can apply the silver on traditional furniture to bring a touch of modernity and thus create a very decorative offset.

Black furniture

Maisons du Monde ### To create a cozy and elegant atmosphere, bet on black-colored furniture. You can totally consider a total black look, for a mysterious and glamorous atmosphere.


Maisons du Monde ### The baroque style is that of excess, so you can allow yourself to integrate monumental and very original furniture into your decor. At Maisons du Monde, you will find armchairs in the shape of a coach for a royal decoration.


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